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Easy Tricks Detox, 6 Detoxification Organs

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2023-08-11 12:57:55

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                The human body is amazingly designed because it has a mechanism to detoxify through various vital organs, which helps the body to not accumulate toxins. Various systems work efficiently. Dr. SanChaiyodsilp explained it comprehensively as follows.

            Detoxify the liver Eat foods that the liver needs to eliminate toxins called antioxidants, including colorful plant foods. (emphasis on purple-red), various flavors (emphasis on bitter taste) (emphasis on mushrooms) and on turmeric Work diligently in the sun so that the mitochondria in every cell of the body help produce an antioxidant named melatonin to help liver function.

            Kidney detoxification, be careful not to dehydrate the body. eat less salt take as little medicine as possible Do not take drugs that cause chronic kidney disease directly, such as anti-inflammatory painkillers. Do not inject unnecessary diagnostic dyes. Because those colors are very toxic to the kidneys.

            Detoxify the lungs, practice deep breathing. Practice holding your breath for a few moments as your lungs fill with air. Practice exhaling longer than inhaling to release as much air as possible. diligently put yourself in the natural atmosphere with good weather

            Detoxification Nurture the gut microbial community to grow diversely. Is to eat things that they use as food (Prebiotic) such as waste and beans. Including being diligent in eating food that contains microorganisms (Probiotic) such as fermented food, fermented tea, etc.

            Detoxifies the sweat glands on the skin Work hard to exercise and sweat a lot while drinking water accordingly. Being diligent in the sauna can help sweat your shoulders and body.

             Detoxify the lymphatic system move diligently At least walk diligently throughout the day, jogging occasionally when given the opportunity. The movement of the limbs is the only factor that drives the lymph flow to get rid of waste.