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How Can Hemp Save the World

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2023-08-11 16:23:47

(2023, July), How Can Hemp Save the World : National Geographic : 21 

            After a long period of medicinal use, hemp is now gaining attention as a new material. for cars Ingredients for brewing beer and other sustainable options

1. Killer of germs

            Researchers in Australia have discovered that betaine (CBD) is effective in killing certain bacteria. This means that the active ingredient in hemp may have been developed. As a new antibiotic, it is now used to treat asthma and pain.

2. An alternative to plastic

            Hemp fibers are durable, flexible, lightweight and biodegradable. This makes it a good alternative to plastic. Batteries add weight to electric vehicles. Resulting in reduced performance, so electric vehicle manufacturers began to use hemp. as a component in materials for internal equipment and more car bodies

3. Magical Weaving

            Researchers in Germany found that Hemp cultivation is used six times more efficiently than cotton cultivation. It is also possible to plant three times more hemp in the same area.

4. Thirst Quencher

            Swiss researchers have invented a beer that uses three-quarters of the hops instead of hemp flowers, making it a more sustainable alternative. in beer production Kanchang is a hardy biennial plant, so it is used with pesticides and fertilizers. in cultivation is much less

5. Meat Alternatives

             Hemp seeds are rich in protein, high-quality amino acids, fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, making them a good alternative source of protein. Scientists are developing pasta, tofu and many other meat substitutes from hemp seeds.