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People with comorbidities and vaccination preparation: homeopathic

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2021-05-12 21:12:33

(2021, April), People with comorbidities and vaccination preparation: homeopathic. 23 (540): 9

        People with underlying disease and preparing for vaccination.

                Professor Dr. Kiat Rak Rungtham Executive Director, COVID-19 Development Program Vaccine Research Center Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University Providing knowledge on how to prepare for the COVID-9 vaccination In the event of underlying diseases as follows.

        • People with fever higher than 38, extreme pain, extreme fatigue, should take 1 tablet of paracetamol, but avoid antihistamines. Severe pain, such as aspirin, which can depress the body's response system Making the vaccine less responsive.

        • Patients with underlying disease if taking medication should inform their doctor before vaccination.

        • Diabetics High blood pressure, heart paralysis, and paralysis. The drug should not be stopped for vaccination, except The doctor advised to stop the medication. To ensure accurate vaccine results.

        • People with bleeding disorders. You must notify your doctor before vaccination. Because it may take time to press the wound Longer injection site, for example, from 5 minutes to 15 minutes if after the vaccination there is hematoma or blood bruising Should see a doctor.

        • The elderly with congenital disease. If symptoms of disease relapse Which may be related to the vaccine or not, should hurry Consult a doctor immediately.