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Solar Energy from Space

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2023-10-12 14:46:35

Annie Selton. (2023, October), Solar Energy from Space : National Geographic Thai edition : 26

          Although it was a fantasy just a few decades ago, space-based solar power may soon become a reality. It is also a revolution in the sustainable energy industry. That is, it can be used at any time, anywhere in the world.

          So how does this work? Various large structures located in space It will support solar panels that collect sunlight. and transformed into a radio signal for sending to the world This type of space mission is “Complex engineering problems. One of the greatest things is in front of us.”

          And recently at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), researchers reported important progress in the Space Solar Power Demonstrator project. The vehicle entered orbit. from January 2023 to test various materials and electrical systems, and also achieved the first wireless power transmission in space.