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Japanese Traditional Cuisine 5 Traditional Japanese Food Culture

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2023-10-12 14:52:45

Jirayu Paethongkham. (2023, September), Japanese Traditional Cuisine 5 Traditional Japanese Food                    Culture : Gourmet & Cuisine : 278 : 80-81

            It is accepted throughout the world that Japan's food culture is unique and charming.

Traditional Japanese culture is intertwined with important days. or various important occasions, even if it looks simple But it's luxurious with premium ingredients and exquisite methods, such as these 5 styles of traditional Japanese food.

            Kaiseki Ryori has its origins in the art of the tea ceremony for light appetites. before drinking according to the spirit of the ceremony It is a highly refined, simple, and elegant style of cuisine. The main elements of kaiseki include rice, miso soup, and seasonal sashimi. Grilled meat or fish, hot pots and various small side dishes, and seasonal desserts such as fruit, sweets, or cakes. Restaurants that serve traditional kaiseki ryori are called ryotei.

            Shojin Ryori, the vegetarian food of monks in Japan This type of cooking Therefore, there is no meat, fish or eggs, with the belief that this will bring balance and harmony to the body, mind and spirit. Emphasis is placed on the "Five Rules" in cooking. Every meal has 5 colors (green, yellow, red, black, and white) and 5 flavors (sweet, sour, salty, orange, and umami). It usually consists of seasonal vegetables. Various types of tofu There is a soup menu and a stir-fry menu. Including tempura

            Osechi Ryori, a popular food eaten on New Year's Day in Japan, comes in colorful plates. which symbolizes hope for happiness and prosperity. Every dish has a special meaning. To welcome the new year, such as rolled omelets, a symbol of making a wish on auspicious days in general in Japan, black beans to make a wish for health, shrimp to represent life. Long-lasting like a shrimp's whiskers

            Shokado Bento, a traditional Japanese bento modeled after the beauty of kaiseki cuisine. Of course, this bento box will contain food. Meticulously prepared dishes such as premium raw fish, tempura, pickled vegetables, and grilled fish or tofu in ankake sauce. Served in a beautiful looking box.

             Enkai Ryori, Japanese party food which is part of the culture their work Whether there will be new colleagues, a wedding On various important occasions Of course, the food on the table will be anything but ordinary, such as lobster, madai, maguro, awabi, as well as steamed items such as steamed eggs, as well as vegetables, tempura, rice, and sushi, depending on one's budget.