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5 ways to slow down dementia

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2021-08-13 16:25:58

Chavalida Chiangkul. (2021, June), 5 ways to slow down dementia : Chihuachit. 23 (545) : 26

        The Supapjit Department recommends that the elderly and those who are at risk of or beginning early stages of dementia should practice.

        Here are 5 techniques to help slow down the severity of dementia progression. Can be self-reliant and perform various daily activities as follows

        1. Cognitive aspects It encourages thinking about things around you, such as telling wells, places or reading a book and telling the story in that book.

        2. Memory, such as practicing to remember people's faces, telling people's names, practicing counting numbers, playing games, etc.

        3. Skills such as painting, clay molding, dancing, etc., in order to maintain the same level of competence and to learn more new skills.

        4. The emotional aspect It stimulates memory and mood by using past life experiences and aids such as pictures, music, and exercise. It will improve your mood and help you sleep soundly.

        5. Behavioral : Finding the cause of the behavior or the trigger to reduce the problem, such as motivation, appreciation, etc., this treatment remembers to restore the lost behavior. and reduce problem behaviors such as aggression, etc.