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Reduce anger, increase kindness:

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2024-05-14 12:32:27

Pasin Inthawong M. (2024, March), Reduce anger, increase kindness: Cheewajit: 116-117

                Anger is like a fire that burns the heart. Even the body is deteriorating from raging hormones. Wouldn't it be better to reduce anger and increase kindness? For a strong mind and body, clear, open, light and comfortable.

            1. We can be less angry. We must consider the harm of anger and what damage it causes. How much does it destroy our lives? Angry people are good at destroying quality of life in every aspect, including work, finances, health, image, and friendships. Relationships will also be much better. If you are a more calm person In fact, a person who is good at anger can be considered a person who beats himself up. Destroy the things you love. Creating the most loss and disaster for one's life in the world.

            2. Kindness and kindness will increase on its own. When we can reduce our impatience. The more angry you are, the more it reflects your fragile, sensitive, and anxious nature. They can be resolved by being mindful, thinking before speaking and acting.

            3. Study well about the familiarity of the mind. The mind often flows according to what feelings? That feeling is easily reproduced. Whoever is happy will be happier. Anyone who is suffering There will be more suffering. It is according to accumulation and familiarity.

            4. There are 3 steps in destroying old familiarity and creating new familiarity. The first is seeing. The second is analyzing. The third is to move the direction.

            5. See, that is, be conscious of what you are thinking. But we haven't seen the idea. As for those who see it, they are above thinking.

            6. Distinguish between this type of thinking and whether it is beneficial or harmful. Is it positive or negative? Is it a merit or a demerit?

            7. Move, that is, if you look at it and it is harmful or negative, quickly move to a new thought base. Let it be a quality, positive thought.

            8. See, separate, move. See and separate. Know what you are thinking. Then move your mind to good thoughts, which are 3 important steps. Changing from a person who gets angry easily to a person who is reasonable and compassionate.

            9. In addition to these 3 powerful steps We can practice our kindness by practicing always thinking about the feelings of others.

            10. Anger is fire. Kindness is a river Even the fire in the world is useful. But the fire in your heart is useless. Our lives cannot avoid being oppressed. We all act and are acted upon sometimes. A little heavy, a little light Little things are overlooked.