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A beautiful variegated leaf plant that pairs well with a Thai garden

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2024-05-14 11:22:07

Angkabdoi. (2024, March), Garuda's nails (Polyscias), a beautiful variegated leaf plant that pairs well with a Thai garden: Home and Garden: 110-111

            Garuda's claw is a type of ornamental leaf plant that has been grown in Thailand for a long time and is commonly seen. Both are popularly grown as Potted plants decorate buildings and use as ornamental plants for gardening. Beautifully planted in groups or as a hedge. In addition, some types of garuda nails, such as fried garuda nails, Lanka Garuda Nails The leaves can also be used in cooking or as herbal medicine.

            Garuda claws are in the Araliaceae family, native to warm and tropical areas in Southeast Asia, America and some European countries. The general appearance is a perennial shrub, from 30 centimeters to 3 meters tall, with erect stems. Able to branch The stem is jointed. When young it is green. Some species have white or yellowish spots. When the tree is old it turns brown and hard. The surface of the tree is rough. The leaves crack at the joints of the trunk. They are arranged in alternating turns, opposite directions, or arranged in circles around the joints. There are both single leaves. The leaves are finger-shaped and feather-shaped. The leaves may be striped, parallelogram-shaped, oval-shaped, oval-shaped, or round-shaped. They vary in size, color, and pattern on the underside. The edges of the leaves may study. Wavy, wavy, or thousands, and often has small thorns that look like Garuda's claws. Therefore, the plants in this group are called "garuda nails". The leaf stalks are usually grooved along the stem. The flowers come out in a bouquet at the tip of the shoot. There are inflorescences, umbrella-shaped, clustered, and branched. The fruit has a soft texture and hard seeds, but those that are grown in our country usually do not set seeds.

             Garuda's claw is a plant that is easy to grow. Grows well when planted in loose soil with good drainage and air, not wet, has enough organic matter and food, and has good ventilation. In addition, the season and growing conditions also affect its beauty. In summer and winter, the leaves are often not as beautiful as in the rainy season. Because it is sunny and there is little humidity in the air. Makes the leaves rough and may cause burn marks. When grown for a long time until it has a large and dense canopy, some branches should be pruned. Along with tilling the soil and adding fertilizer. What was cut out Can be planted or propagated by grafting or grafting.