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DASH Diet with the Elderly : Gourmet & Cuisine. (252)

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2021-09-15 14:31:28

 Asst. Prof. Dr. Chatpa Hattakosol. (20021, July), DASH Diet with the Elderly : Gourmet & Cuisine. (259) :               68- 69

        Elderly, according to the definition of the United Nations and the World Health Organization. is a person aged 60 years and over when counting by age or refers to retirees from work when counted according to economic conditions

        The United Nations also classifies the elderly according to their physical condition, perception, thinking, memory, and ability to perform daily activities into three groups:

   1. Early Elderly (Young-old) aged between 60-69 years

   2. Middle-old (Old-old) aged between 70-79 years

   3. Elderly (Oldest-old) aged 80 years and over

        Older age inevitably leads to deterioration of the body which increases accordingly in the elderly. Therefore, there are health problems and diseases that

        The most common, such as high blood pressure. cerebrovascular disease ischemic heart disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis And Alzheimer's disease can be seen that more than half are diseases related to nutrition. especially high blood pressure If not cared for Will cause complications accordingly, so eating is an important factor. to help reduce and slow down the risk of disease in the elderly

        The DASH Diet is a dietary guideline for the prevention and treatment of high blood pressure. By reducing the intake of foods high in sodium, including processed foods, fermented foods, saturated fats. And various seasonings and add more protein, vegetables and fruits.

Choosing food according to the principles of the DASH Diet, the proportions and types of food categories are as follows:

   1. Various grains, focusing on whole grains 7-8 ladle

   2. Low-fat meat such as fish, duck, 4-6 spoons of rice, avoid red meat and lean meats.

   3. Oil or fat, not more than 6 teaspoons

   4. 4-5 ladles of vegetables and 3-4 fruits such as 1 guava, 4 rambutan

   5. Different types of nuts about 4-5 palms/week.

   6. Sweet people eat no more than 5 servings/week.

   7. Use various spices or herbs to enhance the flavor of food. to reduce the use of salt