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see flowers and pay homage to the relics

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2023-09-15 13:27:47

Wanderlust. (2023, August), see flowers and pay homage to the relics : Advanced Business Magazine                   No.392 : 34-35

        Mae Fah Luang Garden or Doi Tung Park It is a popular tourist attraction in Chiang Rai Province. There are many types of beautiful flowers here. It is beautifully decorated with many flower and plant plots. They rotate and bloom beautifully. You will find beautiful gardens throughout the year. Mae Fah Luang Garden is located in front of Doi Tung Royal Palace. It has an area of approximately 10 rai. Walk up the mountain a short distance and you will find another beautiful garden. In front of the Royal Palace In addition to having beautiful flowers to cheer each other up, another place that cannot be missed is Phra That Doi Tung. This pagoda contains the relics of the Lord Buddha. This place was built more than 2,000 years ago. and has been restored over many eras.

        The distance to go up to pay homage to the relics of the Lord Buddha is about 17 kilometers, although the way up to the top of the mountain It's comfortable but you have to drive carefully. Arriving at the top of the mountain, we paid respects to the Buddha and made merit in remembrance of the Lord Buddha. It was considered a blessing in life.