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Plum Mee Dee is not just a snack

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2023-06-16 14:20:41

(2023, February), Plum Mee Dee is not just a snack : Village Technology : 785 : 44

          hinese plum or Ume, called in Japanese, can be easily planted in high areas in the north of our home Because the weather is cool all year round. Plum fruit can be processed in many forms such as ume wine, sauces, desserts, pickled ume, salted ume, sweet ume, etc. These products are quite popular in the market. 36 million baht ever There is cool weather all year round.

          Medicinal properties of plums to treat cough relieve exhaustion Relieves nausea and vomiting, helps treat diarrhea, with scientific data supporting data from Wisdom lies in many researches together.

          Plum extract also has antioxidant activity. Including found substances in the triterpenoid group (triterpenoids), which have anti-inflammatory effects has antiseptic effect Helico-bacter pylori, the bacteria that causes stomach ulcers and inhibit bacteria that cause oral disease

          A clinical study in 45 healthy volunteers took an extract of plum. Compared with the control group for 3 months, the test results showed that plum extract had a positive effect on alanine aminotransferase (ALT), aspartate aminotransferase (AST), and gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase (GGT). because if these values are high May mean liver health problems. Plum extract also seems to be good for diabetics. due to the effect of lowering blood sugar levels and has the effect of changing lipid levels by increasing good fat levels and lowering blood triglyceride levels.

           Initially, it was concluded that Plums are not just processed and are good to eat as snacks. When taken as an extract, it also has protective effects on liver function and may be useful in chronic diseases such as diabetes. Inflammatory disease however There must be studies in real patients. To confirm the effectiveness of plums in treating various diseases.