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“Kam Chueang” Dim Chum Dipping Sauce unique to Trang

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2023-06-16 14:30:23

Jirayu Pae Thongkham. (2023, June), “Kam Chueang” Dim Chum Dipping Sauce unique to Trang :                        Gourmet & Cuisine : 274 : 72-73. 

          "Kam Chueang" dim cha dipping sauce unique to Trang

          The South is a land that blends with various cultures. in terms of food In addition to food that is hot and spicy, from chilli to ginger, the southern region also has food that is influenced by Chinese and Muslim foods in everyday life. "Trang" is one of the famous southern provinces of Thailand. It is also famous for the culture of eating dim sum. It's a breakfast dish that comes with a special dipping sauce in a way like no other.

          The dim sum dipping sauce that can be found in every dim sum restaurant in Trang has many names such as "Kam Chueang" and "Som Chueang". It is believed to have been influenced by Thai food. Chinese descent It looks like a red sauce to the orange side. The texture is thick. The taste is sweet.

          Many old dim sum restaurants in Trang have their own Kam Chueng recipe. The ingredients of Kam Chueang Dipping Sauce are blended with just a few ingredients. Consisting of sweet potatoes and ground peanuts Season with salt, sugar and vinegar. Therefore, it has a sweet taste with a hint of sour, salty and slightly spicy. at different levels with neutral taste

          anyone can eat Kamchueng is known as a true all-purpose sauce. Because it can be used to dip with many other menus, including grilled pork, Patonggo and steamed buns, and can also be used to cook in many other dishes, whether it's used to marinate pork, pour desserts in Pak Mo and used to cook in the Kao Yook pork menu which is another famous dish of Trang as well Although Kam Chueang is a dim sum dipping sauce that is local to Trang province. But nowadays, local entrepreneurs have begun to produce bottled Kam Chueng online, so anyone craving dim sum and Kam Chueng dipping sauce doesn't have to travel south anymore.

           But let me tell you that the atmosphere of the circle is eaten for breakfast. In Trang is an experience that local food lovers should not miss.