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"Garlic". Herbs for Health

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2023-01-17 11:05:12

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ekaraj Getwalh, (2023, January), "Garlic". Herbs for Health : Local Healers (525) : 50

        Garlic, a companion herb in Thai kitchens that come to have in the house For always cooking, such as frying and sprinkling food It is a component of chili paste and various foods or eaten fresh as a side dish in a menu.

        "Garlic" has medicinal properties and many health benefits. Claims that eating garlic can prevent cancer Heart disease may not be quite right. But it can be said that "Eating garlic reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease" would be more appropriate.

        Data from the research found that Garlic is good for the body. The important substances in garlic are Quercetin, an important substance in the flavonoid group. Has an inhibitory effect on the inflammatory process. Reduces the risk of cancer and allicin can inhibit the process of creating cholesterol in the blood causing the level of fat in the blood to decrease in part Resulting in reducing the risk of heart disease.

        In addition, garlic is also a source of dietary fiber. which can bind fat and reduce the absorption of carcinogenic toxins and drive them out of the body, thus potentially reducing the risk of colon cancer

        Garlic also has properties that help relieve cold symptoms. Help recover from cold symptoms faster as well. However, there is no research confirming that eating garlic will not cause colds.