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Hybrid lotus

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2022-05-17 13:47:08

Angkab Doi. (2022, March), Hybrid lotus : Home and Garden : 46 (547) : 110-111

        Bua", the queen of water plants It is an ornamental plant that Thai people have known and cultivated for a long time. The lotus genus Nymphaea (Nymphaea), which is the genus that is most commonly cultivated as an ornamental plant. Both lotus flowers bloom at night Both lotus flowers bloom during the day and lotus guava blooming during the day Including the giant Australian lotus that Thai people can breed to be beautiful in many species.

Get to know the hybrid lotuses that are developed and selected by professional breeders. which each tree is as beautiful as the lotus by foreign cultivators such as

        Chularat Nymphaea 'Chularat' is a hybrid of Nymphaea 'Khao Mongkol' and Nymphaea 'Tawan ok' produced in a lotus institute. Rajamangala University of Technology Tawan-ok Bang Phra Campus

        Nymphaea Tiwa Ratree is a hybrid of Nymphaea Julia Leu and a white-flowered night lily, a cross of the Austrian giant lotus with a long-lasting bloom to night. Pollinated by Assistant Professor      Dr. Na. Nopchai Chanwit

        Chanvit Nymphaea 'Chanvit' is a hybrid of Nymphaea atrans with purple lacy lotus. The round blossoms can turn white-blue to pink on the last day. Pollinated by Assistant Professor Dr. Na. Nopchai Chanwit

        Akaneerut Nymphaea 'Akaneerut' is an open hybrid of Nymphaea. 'Bull' s Eye' selected by Khun Sorachai. Methachittiphan

        Piyalarp Nymphaea 'Piyalarp' is an open hybrid of Nymphaea 'Mae Ploi' selected by

Dr. Sermlarp Wasuwat

         Pinprasert Nymphaea 'Pinprasert' selected by Assistant Professor Phurin Akkarakulthorn

 The lotus is a plant that is distributed in tropical and temperate regions. with the appropriate weather and environment of Thailand Therefore, it can be cultivated and flowered as well. Even lotus is a tree that is easy to grow. but if planted to bloom beautifully and in full form The caregiver must be closely supervised. fertilize regularly Keeping old leaves that have withered away And always fill or change the water in the tub to be clean.