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what do you get? (More than I expected)

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2021-03-18 13:11:11

PR Team. (2020, April - June), what do you get? (More than I expected). Journal of Legal Execution                       Department 24 (123): 44-48

           Running is one type of exercise that anyone can easily do. And is very popular in this era

Running that makes you healthier. Some people want to lose weight and use running until they can change their lives. Some people are in poor health and can barely start running from walking. Now, as a runner, finishes a full marathon and has Let's try to see what else running can get.

          1. Happiness and stress disappear. Even if running in the morning, the atmosphere is good, run and enjoy listening to soft music.

          2. Get sweaty because running will cause sweat from your body. Sweat will help wash out impurities in the pores, making the skin good.

          3. Get a faster brain If you work hard and stress Feeling the brain slow, let your friends try running for 30 minutes will make the brain work better.

          4. Get fat for another 14 hours after stopping running.

          5. Have strong joints that will not easily deteriorate. By running for 5 days / week and running continuously for 1 hour / day.

          6. Lower blood pressure It is recommended to run 50 minutes at a time, you can run every day or every other day. Follow this estimate 4 weeks blood pressure will drop.

          7.Build muscles or restore muscles that have been reduced. By running every day for 45 minutes

          8. Lower Cholesterol Recommended to run for 1 hour a day, every day for about 2 months.

          9. Get a good personality from obese people to become a good shape, fit, firm, active, make a Better personality.