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digital waves and a silent threat

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2021-03-18 13:18:44

Wichulawan Pitakphol. (2020, April - June), digital waves and a silent threat Thai Education Journal
        17 (2): 77-78

        The present world is fully stepped into a digital society. Since the baby was born in the womb Parents were able to learn more about self-care from the Internet. In raising Primary children by themselves There are also discussions and exchange of knowledge and experiences with members on social media. Modern youth have digital skills that are automatically absorbed in them. Because you can watch cartoons, listen to music, etc. from the computer Tablet or smartphone Aging society is also popular to use social media such as Line Facebook in daily life. Because in addition to talking with many friends Can also make transactions more convenient and faster, so it can be said that Digital media are the most influential media and play a vital role in the lifelong learning of all human beings. But at the same time, there are hidden dangers to harm those who use the carelessly. Here are a few tips you can take to prevent a silent disaster.

            1. Reduce your risk by not overloading your personal information online. They should provide information as necessary.

            2. Keep youths safe from grooming (a targeted engagement method) and cyber extortion, such as not going out to meet someone they know just on online media, telling parents when they come in repeatedly.

            3. If there is a cyber threat Traces of correspondence must be kept as evidence, such as photo recordings or online conversations.

            4. When you receive any news, do not immediately forward. You should ensure the accuracy of the content and the source.

            5. Do not leave reckless opinions in the online world.

            6. In the event that the online media user is a child The computer should be installed in an area where people in the house have a common activity. Set the period of use Install a computer antivirus program and keep it up to date.