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How to take care of your "thoughts" to be happy

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2024-03-19 10:02:01

Pornsaran Rungcharoenkitkul. (2024, January), How to take care of your "thoughts" to be happy : Gourmet & Cuisine : 114

                The human brain naturally produces thoughts all the time. Useful thoughts are thoughts that are used in work and in solving problems. But there is another type of thought that moves in our heads all the time. Which sometimes causes us suffering. Because it is a negative thought that causes stressful emotions. Therefore, if we want happiness in the present You must learn how to control your thoughts. Which has the following guidelines:

            Notice the message. Talk to yourself in your head : Sit quietly and notice what thoughts are going on in your head. Don't resist the ideas that pop up. Instead, watch. then let it go Along with reminding yourself that “Thoughts are not ourselves.” Thoughts come and go. It has no power over us.

            Observe the stories of feelings that arise : No one can let go of every thought. There will still be some thoughts stuck. Makes us stuck with that thought. And become less aware of other stories around us, notice how we feel. Don't resist the emotions that arise. Why do you think you feel angry? Or agitated and distraught What ideas led to this point? It may be a past experience or a certain belief. Understand the cause This will help keep us cool.

            Bring in good thoughts : If you let negative thoughts take over, It will be difficult to shake off. The easiest way That is, throw away unhappy thoughts. and replace it with happy thoughts Whenever negative thoughts arise It just teaches our brains to think about other things instead.

            Practice not thinking about anything : changing your attention Pay attention to our bodies Stop thinking with a simple meditation. By focusing on breathing in and out for 2 minutes, you can do this often when you are distracted.

            Manage “Negative Thoughts” Correctly : We should be alert to negative thoughts to the extent that they can warn us of danger. By acknowledging what the negative is, such as something we don't want. If you ignore it, it may lead to problems later. Once you know this, take action to fix it immediately. along with replacing it with positive factors

             This practice will soon become automatic. and becomes our internal navigation system To save us from failure Leads to success and happiness in life.