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The fact of "walking" is no longer known

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2023-07-19 10:05:33

(2023, May), May 6, 2023. The fact of "walking" is no longer known : Homeopathic : 581 : 8        

            Cheewajit encouraged everyone to get up and "walk" for exercise. Walking will make your legs big, waist pain, etc. This issue therefore collects facts about walking that people wonder about.

  1. If you walk a lot, will your waist really lose?

        That's not true. The reason for the "lost waist" is the wrong posture. causing the waist to bear too much weight until causing pain. In general, people who are overweight, if they exercise their muscles in conjunction with exercise, the pain will go away on their own.

  2. People with weak bones shouldn't really walk a lot?

        Not true. If you don't move your body, it will cause bone deterioration. Walking will help stimulate bones and joints. thus preventing osteoporosis also protect Bone deterioration due to lack of exercise as well

  3. If you walk a lot, will your legs really bend?

         Not true. The most common cause of bowed legs is incorrect posture. If adjusting the body to get used to the correct posture no matter how long you walk Legs are not bent or deformed.

  4. If you walk a lot, will your legs really get big?

        Not true, because the developed part is calf muscles, not fat, so after exercising if proper muscle relaxation massage It will help reduce swelling for the calf muscles to return to normal.

  5. If losing weight by walking Will the breasts really sag?

        Not true, No, your breasts will get smaller or sagging. Due to the gravity of the earth, walking with correct posture actually strengthens the muscles from the shoulders to the chest. balance the body

  6. Is walking for less than 30 minutes really useless?

        Not true. Walking. In the beginning, the body uses carbohydrates as a primary source of energy. After 8-10 minutes of continuous exercise, fat will begin to be burned little by little. After 20 minutes, fat consumption will be higher than carbohydrates. The longer you exercise, the higher your fat utilization rate. Long walks are therefore more effective than short ones.