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Triglycerides, the bad fat in you

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2023-07-19 10:12:23

Dr. Thawatchai Luxeng. (2023, June), Triglycerides, the bad fat in you : village doctor : 530 : 68-69

        Everyone must have had a blood test before. which generally The results of the blood test usually consist of 2 mainly, which are sugar and fat. If the sugar is high, it will be diabetes. But if the fat is high, what disease will it be? As for the fat value, it consists of 4 values, namely total cholesterol value. HDL fat value LDL cholesterol and triglycerides

  What are triglycerides?

        Triglycerides are a type of fat in the body. Composed of 3 molecules of fatty acids attached to 1 molecule of glycerol, our body receives triglycerides from 2 sources:

            1. The body can synthesize it from our own liver or

            2. Get directly from eating fatty foods such as pork belly, butter, and various fats.

        In addition, if the body gets too much fat or carbohydrates. These nutrients will be changed. triglycerides to be the reserve energy of the body It will be transformed into a layer of fat and accumulated both in the abdomen and under the skin. Having too much triglycerides in your blood increases your risk of heart disease. stroke, obesity, breast cancer and other diseases.

  What should be the ideal triglyceride level?

        To answer this question, which everyone can use, is to remember that the ideal triglyceride level is less than 150 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl).

  If you want to reduce fat levels What should I do with triglycerides?

        If you go for a blood test and find that A triglyceride level greater than 150 mg/dl indicates that you are at risk for high triglyceride levels. To adjust behavior for better efficiency can be done as follows

            1. Try to control your body weight within the normal range. By dividing body weight in kilograms by height in meters squared. It should be less than 23 kilograms per square meter to be considered normal.

            2. Try to take care of yourself not to get fat in the belly. The method is if your waist circumference or belly circumference (navel circumference) is greater than your height divided by two. Indicates that you have abdominal obesity, then find a way to reduce the belly urgently.

            3. Try to exercise regularly.

            4. Avoid eating foods that contain a lot of starch or sugar, foods that are high in fat. Foods high in trans fats, including foods that are repeatedly fried.

            5. Reduce the consumption of alcoholic beverages. quit smoking

             6. Choose foods that are high in omega 3 fats such as salmon, tuna, sardines or take supplements that contain omega fats, but should consult with your doctor.