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Straw Mushroom, a new way of life: a journal under the Royal Initiative

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2021-11-19 15:19:21

Education Center, Leading Career. (20021, January-March), Straw Mushroom, a new way of life: a journal          under the Royal Initiative. 19 (1) : 48-49

        We would like to present an alternative career in an era where everyone has to stay at home. Stop germs for the nation during the epidemic of infectious disease (COVID 19) is straw mushroom, a new way of life. Knowledge from the New Theory Agriculture plot, Khao Hin Son Royal Development Study Center Chachoengsao Province

        Straw mushroom is a mushroom that is not difficult to grow. It takes a short time. The mushrooms can be collected for consumption or sold. The price is high because they can be used all year round. Used to cook or process a variety of high nutritional value.

        Straw mushroom making is the application of waste materials from new theory agricultural plots to reduce costs, namely, straw mushroom production in rice fields. There is an important formula, focusing on improving the conditions of the raised plots and making funnels to release mushroom culture. because mushrooms need water High humidity air for high yields

Planting material / production cost

1. Cassava pulp 1,000 kg (450 baht)                              2. Lime 500 grams (10 baht)

3. Milk fermented water 500 ml (10 baht)                   4. Urea fertilizer 400 grams (20 baht)

5. Dry manure 5 kg (150 baht)                                         6. 24 bales of straw mushroom leaven (240 baht)

7. 30 bamboo can be found in the plot                       8. Plastic cover the plot 1 roll (100 baht)

Straw Mushroom Cultivation Method

   1. Pile the cassava pulp into 1 ton of cloth.

   2. Water to soak (Mixed water and milk weight and lime mixed into it. Mix well and cover with a rubber cloth overnight.

  3. Take the fermented potato pulp and compress it in the block. by placing a block the prepared plot Mold the plot edge higher than the floor. and make a groove on the side and water it to saturate Cover the rubber band for 1 night.

   4. Open the rubber cloth, put the manure + urea and sprinkle the finely grounded straw mushroom infection all over the plot. Then water and mix with fermented milk to soak.

   5. Bring bamboo to embroider the frame. Then bring a rubber cloth to cover it with a layer of straw to protect it from sunlight. After 4 days, open the rubber cloth. half out Water the fermented milk mixture. Finished, covered with rubber cloth and straw cover as usual for about 5-6 days, the  mushrooms will start out. can keep the produce