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Superb Plant Protein Tempeh Gochujang

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2023-03-20 15:19:23

G&C Food Division, (2022, October), Superb Plant Protein Tempeh Gochujang :                      Gourmet & Cuisine (267) : 66

        Those who call themselves healthy today must know Tempeh, fermented whole soybeans. Or some people call it soybean tofu. Both the appearance and the taste that many people say is like meat.

        Tempeh is perhaps the only fermented soybean product that is fermented whole. Unlike tofu, which is a precipitated protein It can be eaten in large quantities because it does not have a salty taste like rotten soybeans and natto.

        It is this fermentation that gives tempeh its nutritional value. Superior than other healthy foods because in the fermentation process starting from boiling soybeans until cooked, peeling off the seed coat, drying, mixing with tempeh leavening agent. then fermented by wrapping Banana leaves, a traditional method The mold is white threads that hold soybean seeds tightly together. And also the process of protein digestion, making our body easier to digest.

        It's also a good source of protein, easily digestible, and of the same quality. with meat protein It also contains all kinds of essential amino acids that Our body can't make it by ourselves. must be obtained from eating only

        Tempeh contains 50% more protein than tofu, 7 times more fiber, and also contains vitamin B12, an isoflavone that acts like a female hormone. Several studies have found that continuous It can reduce the risk of developing coronary heart disease.

        Tempe barrier Many people are not familiar with it. Is the smell of fermented beans, making it difficult to eat or do not want to eat at all Found that if steamed, this smell will decrease or disappear. and if fermented with seasonings And should be fried, it will be similar to delicious meat, such as tempeh. This gochujang recipe, the way to make it is to sit the tempeh, fry and marinate with gochujang sauce. Korean food that is seasoned and then baked, eaten with pickled vegetables, simple vinegar. It's very delicious