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Why Brands Are Required

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2023-03-20 15:24:51

Saithong Inchai, Hattaya Pattanapongpan, (2023), Why Brands Are Required : Royal            Project Journal 27 (1): 18-19

        A brand or trademark is a mark used in relation to a product. to show that the product used with the mark is related to the product to show that the goods using the trademark are different from the goods using other people's trademarks Department of Intellectual Property (2016) by creating a brand requires three components: creativity, protection and utilization.

  1. Creation

      • It was born from the desire to have your own brand. to publicize and sell products

online and offline

      • Gather information, extract uniqueness to inspire design.

      • Create a story. tell the story of the brand make the brand attractive

      • Differentiate from other brands.

      • Designed to communicate to customers or consumers to recognize and remember.

  2. Protection

        The branding we want is exclusive proprietary. with the right to reserve each other and take actionLegal for others who counterfeit must complete the registration of trademarks and be

        Preventing others from using them again There is a process for submitting a request to the commercial registration to the Department of Intellectual Property. Ministry of Commerce A trademark is valid for 10 years from the date of registration. and can be renewed every 10 years

  3. Utilization

      • Make the product look reliable.

      • Assist in advertising and public relations.

      • Customers know the origin of the products.

      • Customers can choose to buy quality products.

      • Customers know who the manufacturer is.