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Plants for fresh air

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2021-06-21 15:45:39

Editor's Office. (2521, May) Plants for fresh air : Cheewajit. 23 (542) : 10

        Plants help absorb the chemicals that evaporate from your appliances and furniture. There is a list of trees that should be planted inside the house to purify the air as follows.

        Flowering plants such as glass, gerbera, chrysanthemums, anthuriums.

        foliage plant as Koson, a rich man in the house Yellow betel nut pineapple, ascendant wish, powdered girl, Boston fern, ten thousand-year green, Indian yang, delhi, spotted betel, dragon tongue, ivy, aloe vera.

        Techniques for placing plants to purify the air in the house must be placed in a position with bright light for efficient air purification.