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Food for Liver

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2021-01-26 14:56:37

Sirikon phothicạkr. (2020, December), 7 Food for Liver. Cheewajit 23 (532) : 17

        Foods that are researched, endorsed and published in journals. International Journal of Molecular Sciences was found to reduce the accumulation of toxins in the liver. Including various disorders help the liver work effectively as follows.

            1. Oatmeal helps reduce fat accumulated in the liver. Reduce the risk of diabetes and obesity.

           2. Green tea reduces the amount of fat in the blood

           3. Dark fruits, especially purple or dark red, such as blueberries, grapes, because they contain antioxidants, reduce the damage of the liver.

          4. Grapefruit reduces inflammation and prevents liver cell damage

          5. Vegetable oils with good fats include olive oil, soybean oil

          6. Puffed nuts and seeds are high in vitamin E such as peanuts, Al. Monde, sunflower seed

          7. Omega-3 fatty fish In addition to salmon and Homeopathic recommend fish that are easy to find, including red snapper, snakehead, mackerel.