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5 benefits of music that creates balance for children

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2024-04-23 14:01:59

Atchara Chankram, Apinya Rakkhun. (2024, March), 5 benefits of music that creates balance for children            : Home and Garden : 99

            Music is an important aid in coordinating the work of various systems in the body and helps promote development. The physical, mental, emotional, social, and intellectual well-being of children To work efficiently

            Finding musical activities that are appropriate and fun will make children like them and help the cognitive process. Children's understanding of things around them develops better. And this is the benefit of music and various aspects of children's development.

  Brain food

            Music stimulates the left and right brain to work together in a balanced way, helping children feel relaxed. and help enhance skills Children's learning in mathematics, science, language and creativity is good.

  Mind and emotions

            The rhythm of music affects the emotions and feelings of children. Music with a slow tempo will make children feel relaxed, calm, and focused. Music with a fast tempo will make children feel joyful, cheerful, and more alert.


            Spending time playing music can help improve your language skills and improve your reading skills. Because the music and words There is a system for working together. Playing music often helps to practice pronunciation and form words more easily. The longer a child spends time with music, the more the language part of the brain develops. They will be able to remember vocabulary and develop reading skills. That's good.


            Playing music requires picking up various instruments as well as movements from dancing and singing. These activities will help strengthen both muscles. "Small muscles" such as the fingers palm and wrist This helps children pick up and hold things. more clearly Importantly, it also helps to write letters in an orderly manner and use your hands. Doing various activities fluently Parts of large muscles such as the arms and legs Or the torso will also develop at the same time, which allows children to move with balance and have strong muscles.


             Playing music requires determination and patience to practice over and over until you can do it. Therefore, it creates discipline for yourself within yourself. When this is accomplished, you will have respect and confidence in yourself. It also results in growing into a person who dares to express himself. In addition, children will learn how to play and work with others. Learned to work as a team. Discipline and responsibility towards the public towards a common goal