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How can a healthy diet without vegetables

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2022-12-23 11:48:43

(2022, December), How can a healthy diet without vegetables : Gourmet and Cuisine (269) : 25

        How can a healthy diet be without vegetables? Let's turn to add vegetables to the table. To welcome good health before entering the new year with good and useful things as follows.

  •         • Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The contents in vegetables are easily lost

through the cooking process. food to preserve the nutrients in vegetables as much as possible Try new approaches, such as boiling vegetables in small amounts of water and not overcooking them. or one in the microwave as well Stir-frying will help retain the most nutrients should not be heated for a long time. And retains the crispiness of vegetables better than other cooking methods.

  •         • "Half vegetables "Half of the other thing" is always practical to eat healthy to

maintain a long list. Vegetables make up half of the total menu. To create a balance of nutrients that are complete and diverse, increasing the pleasure of eating.

  •         • Cut down on salt and avoid processed foods or try to look for products that are

reduced in sodium. turn to season the food with Herbs, spices, garlic, onions, chili or lemon juice to add flavor to food.

  •         • Add bacteria to the gastrointestinal tract. can prevent the risk of various diseases

 Whether it's obesity diabetes or even heart disease Eating foods that are high in probiotics, fermented foods such as kimchi, as well as wheat, garlic, onions, or fermented teas are also good options that are high in probiotics.