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10 mins miracle : Chewajit

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2021-06-25 21:36:57

Sirikorn Phothijak. (2521, May), 10 mins miracle : Chewajit. 23 (386) : 9

        Working people who want to refresh during the day have a simple technique for you. Dr. Gabriella Pichado, member of the National Hispanic Health Foundation recommends 4 things as follows.

              Eat a high-fiber breakfast, such as oats, whole grains. Helps stabilize sugar levels no fatigue during the day.

              notice the color of the urine when urine is yellow Show that you drink too little water. Always have your own water bottle ready to sip. and aim to drink 2 liters of water.

              Add spices to food and beverages. Because spices are high in antioxidants. Most often have a specific color and smell. improve appetite make you feel refreshed If you drink hot tea Try adding mint leaves or lemon wedges to add a refreshing flavor and aroma.

              Carry high-protein foods such as nuts, bananas, peanut butter sandwiches. Take it when you haven't eaten your main meal. should not be given on an empty stomach because it makes the brain sluggish.

              You should also exercise 3-4 days a week or increase physical activity, such as walking up the stairs instead of using the elevator.