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The Development of Chatbot for Guidance on Student Loan Fund Services

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2022-07-25 12:08:36

Thanakorn Uiphanit and Kobkaew Meepian, (2022, Januaryl-June), The Development of Chatbot for               Guidance on Student Loan Fund Services : Journal of Academic Information and Technology 3 (1) :              67-78

        Conclusion and discussion of the research results Chatbots for Student Loan Fund Services Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University developed this time It is a research and development research by applying the system development cycle (SDLC) based on the Waterfall Model to develop chatbots for student loan fund services. Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University which can summarize the research and development results as follows:

   1. Planning It was found that the data used for the chatbot development was appropriate and consistent with the educational loan fund service workflow. Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University

   2. System analysis found that chatbots that help answer questions and provide assistance to students along with booking services and appointments for filing documents It is what students and service providers want the most.

   3. Design, found that the chatbots and functionality meet the needs of students and service providers.

   4. Development. Users can add chatbots as friends in the LINE application. Then it can be used immediately.

   5. Implementation found that chatbots can work well and efficiently.

   6 Evaluation of acceptance of use found that the sample group accepted the use of chatbots at the highest level.

        Developed chatbots simplify the document submission process and enable better time management. respond to demand Therefore, the students who received the service felt satisfied with the service at the highest level.

        Implementing a chatbot in the process of simplifying staff workflows and facilitating students. Make data service and document submission easier. In addition, the chatbot service through the LINE application. which is the application that students use the most and are familiar with As a result, the student satisfaction level with the chatbots was at the highest level.

        In addition, the chatbot provides information services to students who have doubts about submitting documents. in each step from start to finish are quick to answer questions You can ask questions anytime, anywhere, including meeting appointment notices. Make an appointment to submit documents and notification of volunteer activities for registration cause fewer mistakes.