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Home trick "Dry food storage trick in the kitchen"

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2023-08-04 11:23:07

Noo Sangieam. (2023, July), home trick "Dry food storage trick in the kitchen"  :  Kitchen & Home : 18                  (203)   : 66-67

        During the rainy season like this, it's one thing that we're hard to avoid. is a matter of humidity Many housewives who tend to buy various dry food ingredients may need to pay special attention to storage so that dry food can last for a long time, not damp. and prevent the occurrence of fungi Let's see how to store the dry food that was brought together.

            Onions and garlic are often sensitive to moisture and mold easily. Most of them are bundled and hung or put in transparent baskets. Place it in a well ventilated place.

            Rice once opened should be stored in a sealed container. Currently available in zip lock bags. Special rice box Don't worry about humidity. and safe from moths and insects

            Dried chilies should be removed from the stalks after they have been bought and dried in the sun or in the oven to prevent fungal growth. Store in a sealed jar. transparent container Keep it in a dry and well ventilated area.

            Salt, sugar, stored in tightly sealed jars. Don't use a wet spoon. And don't forget to close the lid tightly after every use. Prevent moisture that will cause salt water to clump.

            Canned food, including instant noodles, dried rice vermicelli, vermicelli, seasoning powder, should be stored in a ventilated cupboard or shelf, avoiding direct sunlight. Be sure to check the expiration date. And packaging whether there is a leak or dent or not because it can affect the quality of our food.

            Dried shrimp There is a storage trick that many people may not know. When buying dried shrimp, they should be washed thoroughly with water. Boil enough to boil Then dried before storing in a container or zip lock bag. Can be stored in the refrigerator to help extend the shelf life to keep cooking for a long time.

            Nuts, whether ground nuts Nuts before storage should be roasted, baked or dried in the sun before storage. in a container with a tight lid Prevents moisture and mildew that occurs easily.

             Shrimp paste and fish sauce are salty, so it is recommended to use appropriate storage containers such as glass bottles, jars or aluminum boxes. Close the lid tightly after each use. Place it in a cool place and avoid light. because it may affect the color, smell and taste