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Wolffia “Pha” Thai Local Superfood

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2023-07-25 14:34:34

Jirayu Paethongkham. (2023, July), Wolffia “Pha” Thai Local Superfood : Gourmet & Cuisine : 276 : 78-79.

            Pha has many names, including "Kai Pha" and "Khai Nam". In English, it is known as Wolffia (Wolffia). It is an aquatic plant found in still waters around the world. It can also grow well in shaded or low light areas. Therefore, it is easy to grow in both indoor and outdoor ponds. In Thailand, it is another area where the growth of bamboo shoots is found. and is consumed especially in the northern and northeastern regions of the country

            To say that it's tiny but great is not exaggerated. Because within the size of a pinhead is rich various nutrients Whether it is protein, carbohydrates, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, essential amino acids and beta-carotene, it has a high anti-oxidant effect. Solve constipation problems. It also has a low fat content. The more you eat, the more it helps to reduce blood sugar. Lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. It is for this reason that palm has become an eye-catching crop as a superfood and alternative protein source of the future. Responding to the growing trend of Plant Bass.

            With a rather bland taste and smell not smelly green Fresh leaves can be used to cook a variety of dishes. Both Thai menus such as omelet, egg curry, to international menus Including desserts such as salads, rice balls, ice cream and smoothie bowls. At the same time, the to be in the form of vegetable protein powder that can It can be added to common foods, be it bread, pancake batter, pasta, or even brewed into a tea drink. In addition to adding benefits to the meal. It also adds green to look more appetizing.

            Nowadays, it's starting to have a showroom space in the restaurant. and many leading cafes blended in Drink menus to fine dining at Le Du (Season), Chim By Siam Wisdom MAKAI Acai & Superfood Bar, etc.

             Moreover, there are experiments on growing trees in low gravity environments. To study the possibility of using produce as food for missions in space as well, so it is not surprising that it is truly called the food of the future.