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4 steps, a home-isolated approach for children

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2022-05-27 13:42:19

Sirikorn Phothijak. (2022, April), 4 steps, a home-isolated approach for children : Chewajit : 24 (565) : 10

        Dr. Adisai Phattatang, director of the Queen Sirikit National Institute of Child Health, said that from the past statistics, it was found that children aged 3-11 years old were infected with COVID-19 as the most common group. For the group with severe symptoms, it is often a group with congenital diseases such as brain disease, heart disease, cancer or group 7 chronic diseases. The guidelines for home isolating for children are as follows:

        1. In the case of children who can do home isolate Must not have a high fever No severe congenital disease, not absorbed, able to eat food, have a caregiver and has a separate toilet to prevent the spread of infection.

        2. Contact and register in the NHSO system in 3 ways:

            - Method 1 Telephone hotline 1330 press 14

            - Method 2 Add Line Office NHSO @nhso

            - Method 3, click on the link https://crmsup.nhso.go.th/#TicketHI    

        3. In the morning of the system, there will be a team of nurses to follow up at least 1 time per day. Oxygen measuring instruments, medicines, infectious waste bags, food and toys for children.

        4. In the event that the child has worsening symptoms such as a fever of more than 39 degrees Celsius or more within 24 hours, drowsiness, not eating Food, rapid breathing, with oxygen levels at the fingertips below a percentage point. 96 Urgently need to be taken to the hospital near the house.