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Kochi & Miso, two ingredients that create the charm of Japanese food

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2022-05-27 13:45:50

Jirayu Phaethongkham. (2022, April), Kochi & Miso, two ingredients that create the charm of Japanese               food : Gourmet & Cuisine : 261 : 74-75

        “Kochi” and “Miso” are the two key things that keep the Japanese flavor unique. It attracts gourmets no matter how many hundreds of thousands of years have passed. It also comes in a new form. Convenience to the lifestyle of the new generation who yearns for traditional flavors in a more comfortable way.

        Kochi is a staple of many local dishes. It is a strain of Aspergillus Oryzae that is used for cooking. including the production of alcoholic beverages whether it's sake or soju Including condiments such as miso, mirin, and soy sauce, because the enzymes in kochi convert starch and protein into glucose and amino acids that give the flavor known as umami, sweet, salty, and pungent.

Kochi can be bought easily nowadays. And there are many options for those who want to cook authentic Japanese flavors, such as PLUS KOJI NAMA SHIO KOJI, Shiokoji, which is salted koji suitable for marinating meat such as beef, fish, and chicken. Pork and squid, even when using only 10% of the meat, gives the meat a tender and umami flavor.

In addition to being the heart of savory food can also be made into a drink or make sweets It is also full of benefits from fermentation.

        Miso is a traditional Japanese condiment with more than 1,000 kinds, varying in texture, flavor and color. It is made by fermenting soybeans, rice, or barley. Kochi is also used to create umami flavors in a variety of dishes. while light miso is perfect for salad dressings or desserts. The dark miso goes well with long stews, such as stews. The most famous miso dish is miso soup, which combines dashi broth and seaweed.

        Just having both "koji" and "miso" is the soul and body of Japanese food culture. Even if you do it yourself, it's not difficult to get the true taste of the Land of the Rising Sun.