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Research Guidelines for Behavioral Practices of Elderly Teachers in the COVID-19 Situation

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2021-08-27 10:58:14

Assoc. Prof. (Special) Dr. Krisada Wattanasak, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Krongthip Nakwichet, Pakawan                                   Lunsamrong and Chanin Nakwichet. (2021, January-June), Research Guidelines for Behavioral                      Practices of Elderly Teachers in the COVID-19 Situation :Academic Journal Saengtham College 13 (1) : 166-189

        The results revealed that the behavioral guidelines of elderly teachers in the situation of the novel coronavirus disease 2019 in managing self-care, surrounding people, society and communities in terms of

             1) Planning and lifestyle To take care of the health of the body to be strong avoiding infectious disease, taking care of mental health by thinking and emotion relying on the study of Dharma and the cultivation of mindfulness Benefiting others and society by using technology to support.

             2) allocation of responsibilities and coordination of lifestyle by working with family members, neighbors and the community safely.

             3) Using Leadership Encourage them by thinking, implementing, and encouraging them to solve the problems of the COVID-19 situation together with those around them. society and community.

             4) lifestyle monitoring by jointly monitoring each other with the people around Society and community for continued safe living both physical and mental health.

Suggestions for applying the research results

1) The results of the research found that the elderly teachers were involved in social activities to help alleviate the problems. Preventing the novel coronavirus disease 2019 takes leadership by acting as a good example. Remind the people around you to stay in the rationale. Create a network to benefit the public.

 2) From the research findings, it was found that older teachers still had a wide range of potential. Coexisting as a network of private organizations and communities should coordinate with teachers of the age group to operate for the survival of the organization's members and people in the situation of COVID-19, both directly and through communication channels using technology.