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Food Trends (expected) to be hot in 2022

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2022-03-02 15:53:32

Jirayu Phathong. (2022, January), Food Trends (expected) to be hot in 2022 : Gourmet & Cuisine (258) :  76-77

   1. Let’s go tp Ayutthaya Ayutthaya has become the newest destination to be featured in the Michelin Guide. of Thailand, so this 2022 restaurant in Ayutthaya will begin to become more and more known.

   2. Flexible vegetarian diet Flexible eating is a diet with vegetables. Some meat and some meat is a good choice.

   3. FWB that are known as superfoods will have many benefits in them. It includes nuts, grains, eggs, green leafy vegetables, and berries, and also includes omega-3 good fats like salmon and avocado.

   4. Low Sugar Now, it's not just soft drinks with 0% sugar like this latest one. Soft serve ice cream with reduced sugar 25% or chilled herbal drink with only 2% sugar.

   5. We craft crafts to add value to all kinds of items. Even in the food and beverage industry as well. From the year before fresh pasta and bread, we started to see more and more advancements in craft industry such as chili sauce.

   6. Healthy snacks, including healthy snacks such as nuts, dark chocolate, hummus, Greek yogurt, or simply sliced fruit, has started to play a more important role for those who still like to chew but are concerned about their health at times. Same

   7. Vending machine Food and beverage vending machines are increasingly playing a role in urban lifestyles. Mainly for convenience We are starting to see more and more expansion of this kiosk, such as a 'kitchen cabinet' that sells ready-made meals from Japanese food brands and a variety of cafe-like beverage menus.

   8. Lab to Table, One of the Foods of the Future It is a new alternative that reduces meat consumption and has less impact on nature than animal husbandry. From Austria, salmon is produced in a lab. The 3D-printed model that looks like real salmon has been released for sale.

   9. Insects are food last year The European Union has voted to make 'grasshopper' one of the foods that can be imported into all of its affiliated countries. Whether it comes in freeze-dried, dry or powder form, it's an important step in the search for protein-rich meat substitutes. This time we will see new products. or new food menu with insects for sure.

   10. Sustainability is something that needs to be done in the long run. No matter how many years it is, it will always be in trend. We've probably heard of it before, including Zero Waste among restaurants that turn to cooking so that kitchen waste is zero. including the use of packaging that can be reused to reduce unnecessary waste during the delivery boom.