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how to exercise Strong "heart"

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2022-04-28 10:17:49

Dr. Anusit Tahasiriwet, MD. (2021, January-March), how to exercise Strong "heart" : Tidi Thai : 12 (43) : 67-69

        Health is an important matter to pay attention to, especially exercise. Several studies indicate that our sedentary activities are not active. may be at risk of causing heart disease So to keep your heart healthy and functioning efficiently, here are some great tips to share.

        For the right exercises for cardio strength that will help increase your heart's fitness as well, there are 5 exercises that are not difficult to do and have good results for the heart.

   1. Walking posture with raised knees in place

        • Walking, lifting, renting high, stationary.

        • Do about 5-10 minutes.

   2. Arm swing

        • Swing the alternating canopy while walking.

        • Do about 5-10 minutes.

   3. Fast walking

        • Walk briskly, step on your feet, swing your arms vigorously.

        • Walk 5-8 kilometers per hour.

        • Walking 5 hours a week will reduce the incidence of heart disease.

   4. Sit-ups

        • Exercise by sitting up (Sit-Up).

        • Lie on your back with your knees bent and your shoulders raised for 10 seconds.

        • Place your shoulders down. Do at least 150 times a day.

   5. Jump slap

        • Stand with your feet together, hands on your sides.

        • Jump with legs apart.

        • Raise your hand and slap it above your head.

Return and repeat 20 times per set.

        Exercise that results in the heart. You should exercise for 30 minutes at least 3 days a week. You should exercise regularly. Because if lack of exercise for a long time and then come back out again The heart will work harder than before.