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Dining Trend To Come

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2021-05-28 14:38:53

Pornarun Inchudet.  (2021. February), Dining Trend To Come : Cheevachit. 23 (537) :                76-   79

        From the epidemic events of the past year And continued to be severe until 2021, resulting in a change in the way of thinking and consumer behavior Early stages of the epidemic People choose to eat simple, convenient and fast food, but by 2021, food trends are changing to more healthy food. This is because now people expect to be healthy over the long term. And far from many other serious diseases in the future.

What are the top 5 foods (including beverages) that are popular around the world

              1. Meal Kits is a sale of food ingredients that come as ready-to-cook sets So that customers can cook their own food at home.

              2. The consumption of frozen products. Although frozen production is not a new trend But consumers are buying more fruits and vegetables that can be stored for longer. Because they want to consume foods rich in vitamins and nutrients that can stimulate the immune system and fight virus.

              3. Plain Best Food Is a food that contains mainly plant-based ingredients Fermented foods are produced to replace meat protein. Gives a meat-like taste To promote good health.

              4. Moral and environmentally friendly products Consumers can know the source of the ingredients used in the food. Raw materials and cooking processes must have the least impact on the environment.

               5. Healthy drinks In addition to good taste and aroma, it must also be rich in various vitamins that come from nature. Must help promote better health and beauty.