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Better Butter! Why is New Zealand Butter the World's Leading Butter?

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2023-08-30 17:54:18

Jirayu Phaethongkham. (2023, August), Better Butter! Why is New Zealand Butter the World's Leading                   Butter? : Gourmet & Cuisine : 277 : 88-89

            Butter is the main ingredient mixed in a variety of sweet and savory dishes. It also takes advantage of various things. Whether it's covering bread, baking bakery, or adding intensity to the sauce. So butter is another key. That can enhance the taste of food Come to delve into the land of the southern hemisphere "New Zealand", one of the world's top butter producing countries, with every step that makes New Zealand butter unique.

            Farmers in New Zealand raise their cows on a natural farm amid open pastures where fresh air is available. And the cows fed fresh grass no less than 350 days a year, which is quite an important reason for cows in New Zealand. Able to produce good quality milk rich in nutrition It also contains more nutrients such as beta-carotene, vitamin A and vitamin D than grain-fed cows. When using high quality milk to produce butter Therefore, the butter from New Zealand has The golden yellow color is unique without the need for additives. or other additives including growth hormone (BST)

            Real butter is nothing more than simple. Because it's made from cream derived from milk. But the natural texture is difficult to imitate. Also, butter melts at normal body temperature. therefore giving a mellow touch in the mouth Diffuses the taste and aroma of butter. adds a succulent flavor to pastries Including strengthening the sauce like fat or margarine cannot do.

            Nowadays, New Zealand butter is available in various types to meet the needs of consumers. Use in various forms such as Anchor, Fresh Butter, Unsalted and Salty, the yellowish color from the fresh cream gives a milky creamy taste that is suitable for baking. or sliced to eat with bread, anchors, canned salted butter, sterilized butter Can be stored at room temperature 10-25 °C for up to 18 months without refrigeration. which gives flavor same milk cream But outstanding with clear aroma and texture, well stable, can be used to bake many types of bakery, including fresh butter cakes, fresh butter cookies, fresh butter bread, or eat together with pancakes or toasts.