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Grevillea Beautiful Flowers : Home &

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2023-08-30 17:57:09

Angkaboi. (2023, August), Grevillea Beautiful Flowers : Home & Garden : 118-119   

        Anyone looking for a garden ornament that gives a sweet, comfortable look, grevillea, or what we call grevillea in our homes, is another interesting option, especially for gardening. in a wide area or used as The main plant in a small garden, not only gives the leaves a detailed look and feels swaying. Growers can also trim the canopy as needed.

            Introducing the grevillea pine. beautiful flowers Native to the islands in the Pacific Ocean. which has been cultivated in Thailand for ten years There are both trees, shrubs and climbing plants. The bark is gray-brown. alternating single leaves The edge of the leaf is deeply concave along The leaf veins are similar to compound leaves, therefore streaks. Young shoots are covered with hairs. With age, the hairs become less, the leaves become less, and the leaves become gray.

            The grevillea pine stands out for its diversity of species. which have different forms and leaves From green, greyish green, silver to almost white. can bloom all year round There are many colors to choose from, including white, yellowish white, yellow, orange, red, pink and purple. axillary cylinder near the tip by gradually blooming from the base to the end of the bouquet long stamen When it begins to bloom, it bends down from the end of the circle of petals. Flowering several bouquets at a time. Each bouquet blooms for several months.

             Grevillea grows quickly and grows well in loamy soil. need moderate water Sunlight throughout the day. Good drought tolerance. If wanting to plant along the fence, the planting distance should be 3 - 5 meters and at least 1 meter away from the wall. In Thailand, there are only white to yellowish white shrubs waiting to climb and pink. which is a shrub. Nowadays, there are new varieties. came in to plant more, both from grafting and from grafting, which ilver oak was the source.