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Ethics in Human Resource Management

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2022-09-30 14:25:19

Sathaporn Wichairam. (2022, January-June), Ethics in Human Resource Management : Academic                         Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Buriram Rajabhat University 14 (1) : 1-16

        Summary of human resource management It is a very important process in the science of organization and management, including public administration. Because it is a process that is a factor that drives the organization towards success or even failure. Human resource management is concerned with the main principle, i.e. acquisition principle, i.e. recruitment and selection process. Principles for utilization include recruiting, appointing, promotion, transferring, accepting, transferring, relocating, maintenance principles such as setting salary, benefits, benefits. including discipline and maintaining discipline and development principles such as continuing education, attending combat training career advancement development.

        Such principle When executives will apply ethical principles in human resource management, they will find that The principle of acquiring human resources It is related to the competence in which the agency selects people based primarily on the level of intelligence which corresponds to the four lotuses. The principle of utilization, which is related to the ethical nature or habits of the people who the administrators consider assigning tasks to be responsible. The principle of maintenance will be consistent with the ethics of human resource development. Yonisomanasikarn Sampada 2. Tri-sikkha (Salience, Concentration, Wisdom) Human Resource Development 1. Education and training, appropriate skill training 2.Planning for advancement in the position of management must have the principle of Brahma Viharn. Manage without prejudice There is support for subordinates and there is appropriate ethics in considering offenses. And the development principle is about the properties of the development cost and the development process using the tri-sixth principle. However, when the human resource management process by using ethics is appropriate and conducive to each other. Human resource management in the organization will result in good quality that will result in the organization being strong and sustainable.