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Exp. vs Best by Read labels wisely.

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2021-06-22 14:58:22

        Small abbreviations on food and cosmetics labels, it is a mark indicating the quality of the product inside that consumers should pay attention to. 

        MFG / MFD Manufacturing date means the date of manufacture. In fast-perishing foods, the time of manufacture may also be indicated to make it easier to calculate the expiration time. 

        BB / BBE stands for Best Before / Best By. It should be consumed before the date. It is a pre-determined date before the expiration date. Food packaged  or medicine will have a deterioration in quality or taste after the specified date but can still be eaten 

        EXP / EXD Expiry Date / Expiration Date means the expiration date. After the specified date, the food inside will spoil do not eat. 

        Also on the label may contain other important information such as production and expiration times, production lot numbers that can be traced back if production problems or contamination are found.