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Library is closed, but we still service

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2021-08-25 19:52:46

        Make an appointment to pick-up books in front of library (Please bring your own bag)

Only Tuesday and Thursday 8.30-16.00

Books delivery service via public company 

** User is responsible for expense

Place your order as follow;     

   1. Name-Surname / Student ID    

   2. Where to get book (pick-up and post on Tuesday and Thursday 8.30-16.00)            

         - Infront of the library or university gate (Ratchawiti Road or Demonstration School) **Please specific date and time              

         - by post *user is responsible for expense **Please assign the address and phone number     

   3. Book list

Contact for book delivery service in every channel

 ** Facebook, Line, Twitter 

        Academic Resource Center reserves the right to provide appointments for book pick-up only for those who have been vaccinated or have examination results as announced by the university.

For more information

FACEBOOK  : m.me/ssru.library

LINE : https://lin.ee/iVy3Ln9

TWITTER : https://twitter.com/LibrarySsru

E-mail : library@ssru.ac.th

โทร. 02-1601246