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World Milk Day

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2022-06-01 09:46:14

        Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations set 1st June of every year to be "World Milk Day" to focus and promote milk consumption. Milk is a food that is especially useful for children who are growing up.

        Milk is rich in protein that is used to build muscle in childhood, help repair the worn parts of the body in adulthood. Calcium helps bone growth and strength in children and reduce the risk of osteoporosis brittle bones in adults.

        Drinking milk helps to strengthen the immune system, nourish the nerves, nourish the heart, help in the work of the skin cell system. Milk fat provides energy for the body, contributes to lowering blood pressure and reduce the risk of colon cancer.

        Currently, Thais consume 18 liters of milk/person/year or 2 glasses per week, which is 6 times lower than the global average and small amount compared to other countries around the world.