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How to fight covid: Let's wash your hands properly

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2021-08-03 10:48:03

        It is also an important measure to prevent infection with COVID-19. While waiting for a vaccination that is effective enough for mass immunity to develop in the country. 

        Academic Resource Center invite you to wash your hands effectively in 7 steps to prevent covid infection from picking up things that are contaminated with the virus. 

Step 1 Wash your hands with water rub the soap until foamy. After that, bring both palms together and rub it all over. 

Step 2 Use your palm to rub the back of your hand and niche fingers alternately on both sides. 

Step 3 Joined both hands together rub your palms and niches in front of your fingers. 

Step 4 Use the fingers of both hands to bend together and rub them back and forth. 

Step 5 Spread your thumbs use the other palm to wrap around your thumb. Then rub it around and do alternating on both sides. 

Step 6 Open your hand and use the tip of the other finger to rub in a circular motion in the middle of the palm. Then switch sides do the same. 

Step 7 Place your hand around one wrist, rubbing it clean, and repeating on both sides.

        Effective hand washing must be done for at least 20 seconds and allow water to run over your hands for at least 15 seconds. Academic Resource Center would like to send my concern and encouragement to everyone through the situation of the Covid-19 outbreak, safely both physically and mentally 


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7 steps to fight covid