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How to fight covid: managing infectious waste in the house.

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2022-04-04 10:47:33

        Infectious waste includes waste contaminated with mucus, saliva, secretions, such as; masks, toilet paper, food containers, COVID testing kits, drinking water bottles, plastic straws, are considered high-risk waste. They are managed differently from general waste.

Managing infectious waste in the house;
   1. Collect infectious waste every day, put it in 2 layers of garbage bags.
   2. If possible, use a red waste bag for infectious waste or write infectious waste clearly.
   3. The first layer of garbage bags, when put in the garbage, should be poured with disinfectant such as 70% alcohol and bleach to destroy the germs.
   4. Tie the bag tightly then spray alcohol to disinfect the mouth of the bag.
   5. Overlap with another bag, tighten it tightly, spray alcohol to disinfect around the mouth of the bag.
   6. Dispose of rubbish in a specific place for infectious waste disposal.
   7. Wash your hands immediately with soap or alcohol gel.

        If isolated with an uninfected person, let the uninfected take the waste away. If isolated alone or living with an infected person, garbage should be moved when not crowded.