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Vision Travel : Turn an old movie theater into a skating rink.

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2021-08-06 11:03:55

Skateboarding is one of the new sports that is featured for the first time at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.               Skateboarding has been an underground sport since the 1950s, converted from surfing into the streets. It was popular with American teenagers before expanding to the world. Before being recognized as an official international sport the 'Extreme Games' (X Games) was organized in 1995 with the support of ESPN.  

        Thailand Extreme Sports Association or TESA) has been included in the extreme sports category since 2003. The current skateboarding craze has led to the 'Wiggle Wave'. An indoor Wooden Ramp that transforms the 42-year-old Iyararama cinema complex in the Maeklong Market area, Samut Songkhram Province to be a standard server skate that can be used to organize competitions.          

        Wiggle Wave divides the area into 4 forms, which are practice fields, a simple courtyard for beginners. Wave Ramp is a 16 meter long, 9 meter wide wave area. The Bowl and Pump Track and Mini Pump Track zones are fields for stunts.           

        Moreover, there is also a shop selling and renting equipment. The café serves sweets, coffee and a wide variety of beverages. Decorated with elevators and old cinema chairs. 

 Illustrations and content are compiled from:https://readthecloud.co/wiggle-wave/