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Library in the park : Library for learning in Lumpini Park

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2022-06-06 11:24:10

        Lumpini Park Bangkok Public Library is a single-story building with an area of 499 square meters, located behind the King Rama VI Monument, built in 1955. Later, a new building was added to be T-shaped with a basement floor of 168 square meters. The colour of the building is light yellow with a classic architecture in the reign of King Rama VIII.

        This is providing a space to sit and read, there are also book borrowing and returning services, multimedia services, reference books, periodicals, rare books, royal works, information browsing services, internet access, computer training services, learning areas for children, and book services for the visually impaired.

        Children learning area is supported by HSBC Thailand, separately, cute bright decoration, and friendly to children under the name "HSBC Children's and Youth Library Lumpini Park"

        Currently, the Bangkok Public Library Lumpini Park is one of 36 under the name "Learning Library" under the supervision of Bangkok Metropolis to increase the modernity and efficiency of use.


   Tuesday – Saturday 08.30-19.30.

   Sunday 09.00-17.00 น.

***Close on Monday and public holiday***

        Membership is an annual fee ranging from 10 to 60 Baht according to the age of the applicant with proof of ID.