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We have only 1.5 -7% of modern human genetics

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2021-08-06 14:55:58

We have only 1.5 -7% of modern human genetics.

        Modern humans, or Homo sapiens like us, were born on Earth about 350,000 years ago, inheriting a lot of genetic inheritance from their ancestors and other human species. But there are few genes or genetic units that belong to their own particular race. Not even ten percent.

        The latest study, published in the journal Science Advances, is by a team of scientists at the University of California. It has developed an algorithm called SARGE that can recognize and compare the genes that are part of the genome, or the entire genetic information of an individual. to analyze that person's ancestors quickly

        In this case, the research team took the genome data of a sample of 279 people, including two Neanderthal human genomes and one human Denisovan genome, to their algorithms. How many unique genes does modern humans have that are different from their common ancestors?

        The results revealed that a gene that was unique to Homo sapiens was found. which is not the same as the genes in the common ancestors of all human species. They are also different from Neanderthal and Denisovan genes. They account for approximately 1.5 - 7% of all modern human genetics.

        Assoc. Prof. Dr. Richard Green, Specialist in Molecular Engineering One member of the research team said that The proportion of unique genes in homo sapiens is as small as 1.5%. But amazingly, these genes are all involved in brain function and brain development. which has given modern humans the intelligence and civilization that other human races do not have.”