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88 years Mitr Chaibancha

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2022-10-06 12:03:42

        8th October 1970, was the day Mitr Chaibancha died in an accident while filming the final scene of the movie Insee Thong at Dong Tan Beach Chonburi. If Mitr Chaibancha or real name Phichet Chaibancha is still alive in 2022, Mitr will turn 88 years old.

        Between 1958 - 1970 the world was in a cold war. People have a strong sense of political insecurity. Mitr Chaibancha's roles in films are often accompanied by the status of a hero who takes the country out of the hands of transnational terrorists or communism. Including the image of strength and masculinity. This made Mitr popular among both male and female audiences.

        During 12 years of acting life, Mitr had 266 films, or an average of 22 films per year, most of them being 16 mm films. That still had to be dubbed live in cinemas. The movie fans have almost never heard the real voice of Mitr before.

        Movie Monrak Lukthung (1970), the last work in life of Mitt is a 35mm film soundtrack that has been a huge revenue success. This made later films more popular with 35 mm film until people said that the 16 mm film had died with Mitr Chaibancha.

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