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HOP : Community of Photographers

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2021-10-07 14:22:21

        Hub of Photography is not just an exhibition space but also gathers many needs. For photographers and photography is to support work and ideas to develop even more. HOP has a total of 5 activity zones.

        ‘HOP PHOTO GAELLERY’ the main exhibition room that keeps on rotating.

        ‘WHOOP!’ is a gallery that allows the general public to come and exhibit. The founding team wanted this space to be a space for everyone.

        ‘FOTO INFO Learning Center’ a studio that would like to invite everyone to try photography. The FOTOINFO team will help with the equipment and educate. As well as photography techniques both product photography and various lighting arrangements.

        ‘HOP Club’ includes a Photobook Gallery, a photo library with hundreds of selected books. Including organizing activities linked to various bookstores and Merchandise Gallery, an artist's book distribution store.

        ‘Common Space’ when the Covid-19 situation relax, this area has a workshop for those who are just starting out in photography. In addition to educational activities, there will be activities to open the camera market, photographic equipment and photo printing shops also in the booths.

Read more : https://readthecloud.co/hub-of-photography/