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An alternative Krathong and Loy Krathong night that won't get lost.

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2022-11-08 11:03:25

        Every day of the 15th waxing moon of the 12th month according to the Thai lunar calendar, it was the full moon night during the flood. Therefore, it was born as a Loy Krathong ceremony that has been carried out for a long time without any clear evidence as to when it occurred.

        Even the purpose of Loi Krathong has different beliefs, including worshiping Phra Ket Kaew Chulamani in the Daowadung heaven, worshiping the Buddha's footprint on the banks of the Nammatha River, worshiping, asking for forgiveness, and thanking the Ganges for giving water to drink or float to extract floating in sorrow.

        But when the social conditions change, Loy Krathong tradition has been questioned as to its environmental suitability. Especially with the use of foam sheets as the base of the Krathong and become non-biodegradable waste. This was a campaign to reduce foam in the krathong, which was well coordinated. This can be seen from the decrease in the number of foam Krathongs collected after the festival every year.

If foam is not used, are there any alternative materials that can be used as a krathong?

   • Ice, place the flowers and water in a cup-shaped container and freeze them. It becomes a clear Krathong Surprisingly, even environmental scholars admit that it has little impact on the environment and did not change the water temperature as understood.

   • Banana trees, both cut into rings, are used as the base of the Krathong and peel banana peels to make a minimalist Krathong that is easy, saves time and becomes less waste.

   • Fish food, corn snack sticks joined together with water become a colorful Krathong. That is both fish food and it is easier to decompose in water than traditional bread krathongs.

   • Ice cream cones are another alternative material, with the color and appearance that can be transformed into a Krathong beautifully and easily decomposed.

         In addition to the selection of alternative materials for making Krathongs can also reduce the             environmental burden through other activities such as floating the same Krathong among friends and family, Loy Krathong online etc.

Story and Illustration: Ratchanok Thongkhaokham